Precipice of the When

The When is a strange place. Often considered ‘the bleeding reality’, its invasive nature is responsible for many supernatural phenomena. Some people have made it their jobs to investigate these phenomena, and to prevent harm coming to the people involved. However, an incident in a small village in Anderland is about to escalate.

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Current Features

-2 playable chapters
-Introduction to Thomas Konijn
-Original Soundtrack
-A working save/load system
-Chapter Select Screen
-Fancy screen that says ‘to be continued’ before kicking you back to the title screen

Planned Features

-The first chapter of Case 1, with spooky vibes
-(tentative) The second chapter of Case 1, in multiple story branches
-Art Gallery that displays unlocked artwork
-Audio gallery that collects unlocked sounds, as well as pronunciations for the names of characters and locations.
-A functional Settings menu that allows you to adjust volumes and text speed
-Revisions for the UI
-Collectible card gallery featuring cards that are unlocked by making certain decisions and 
interacting with environments in the game. Collecting full sets will unlock small bonus 
-A minimum of 1 collectible card set with bonus chapter
-More art
-More story
-More music

Full Version:

-Visual Novel story alternated with exploration segments (loosely inspired by Phoenix Wright)

-Mysteries and puzzles for the player to solve, and interesting locations to explore
-Lots of characters to interact with, and to decide the fate of
-A branching story with meaningful choices, spanning across 1-5 ‘cases’

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