Exhibit Summer 2021

The special exhibit ‘In the frame of story’ was held on August 28th-29th and September 5th.
Location: De Klisse, Oostende.
On this page, you can find a collection of photo’s taken during the exhibit, as well as some extras about the events that took place. Please enjoy.

I also made a short video to celebrate the occasion:

Here’s the original flyer designed for the exhibit. Do to scheduling changes, the dates and hours on the flyer didn’t line up in the end:

The exhibit was held in Ostend, Belgium, in the cosy building called De Klisse. It was a joy to figure out which walls to use and how to make the works look good.

The works were divided into four parts: The Oddy wall, the Oddy Monochrome wall, the Dark wall and the When wall. For the When wall, we used present furniture and some added extras to give it a salon feel that fit the tone of the Precipice of the When game. In the salon, we also put a small laptop with the demo for Precipice of the When. We also hooked up a projector for various images.

On the Oddy wall, we included a special page written for the exhibit. On the left is the original Dutch, on the right an English translation.

But of course, that’s not all. There’s still the most epic part of the exhibit: The collaboration with Meermens, Belgian Kleinkunst singer and all around awesome guy. He did a live performance of his new song Newton, in sync with a music video I animated for the song. It was my first time working on a project this size, and making an animation of such a length. It was a great experience.

A massive thank you to Meermens, Wanda and De Stuyverij and the wonderful people of De Klisse for making this possible.

And big thanks to my parents and sister for their support.

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