Avalon Complex

  Alone in the emptiness a figure sat. She pressed her chin into her knees. The cold was starting to get to her. An ever present chill had crawled up her legs and into her head. She had been here for a while now, but she had failed to do anything useful. She had spent most of her time just staring into the pitch black darkness of the room. She had no idea where the next wall was, or whether there were any other walls at all. Just the wall behind her. That was all she knew. That and the hard floor on which she sat. She was wearing clothes, comfortable ones at that, but she hadn’t really considered investigating them properly. Heck, if she wanted to see them, she couldn’t. There wasn’t any light here, after all.

That being said, not knowing anything was starting to become exceedingly tiring. The cold was getting annoying as well. She didn’t feel like she would freeze to death or anything of the sort.

 No, it was just chilly here and she didn’t like it. Not a moist, wet cold as one would expect from a cave or a hole. A dry, empty cold. But her world was nothing but this. Even if something lay beyond her reach, she didn’t want to try and find out. After all, why leave the wall which was so familiar and risk no longer finding it? She couldn’t bear the thought. This wall was all she knew. It was the only thing that was certain. It was home.

  Home. I left home before.

  She reached her arm forward, but it touched nothing. She had already known it would touch nothing. She had tried before, so there was no reason for this to change. Nevertheless, she still reached forward. The air was still and the only draft was that which she herself created.
(Avalon Complex, Liam Hernandez Lucas)

Written above are the first paragraphs of Avalon Complex, the first novel in a planned trilogy written by me. It has been written and proofread, and is currently being prepared for release on Amazon during Autumn 2021.

The books are planned to be thrillers containing elements of science fantasy and mystery. I would say more, but I don’t like spoiling the first chapters. If you liked this excerpt or if you like any of my other work, I’m quite certain you’ll like the rest of the book as well.

If you’d like to receive news about this release, you can follow the latest updates by subscribing to this website or by following me on twitter.

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