The Prideful Man

The king does sayThe king does listenFor charm and smilesas his eyes glisten Wind and wind around his fingersAll who followas his frightful descent silently lingers. But fear of his mind does take hold,with every lie and half truth told.He sees himself as nothing morethan the vermin bowing at his door. Crown of antlersopen handsThereContinue reading “The Prideful Man”

He who sits upon the drawing board

ScratchScratchScratch. Vigorously, the artist erases his work. ScratchScratchScratch. He who sits upon the drawing board, watches him with a smile. ScratchScratchScratch. The second attempt, crunched into a ball. ScratchScratchScratch. He who sits upon the drawing board, laughs at him, mocks him ScratchScratchScratch. The artist vigorously erases his life’s work ScratchScratchScratch. He who sits upon theContinue reading “He who sits upon the drawing board”

Writings of the When

The prologue for Writings of the When is now available! You can read it below, or find it here alongside upcoming chapters: A version on Tapas is publishing later today. A banner will be added to the home page when it is ready. PROLOGUE In the folds of dark, where stars dwell.Shadows thrive, lifeContinue reading “Writings of the When”